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How to customize our totes with three tailored options

by Sung Park | May 9th 2024 · 5 min read

We are proud of the quality of our bags and the feel of our fabric. But representing your brand or artwork in the best way is critical. That's why we've put together this special email, showcasing our most popular printing methods for canvas totes. Whether you're curious about different styles or seeking the perfect way to display your logo, this guide is tailored just for you!

1. Screen Printing

A stenciled screen is created from your artwork, and desired color ink is squeezed through the fine screen onto the bag's surface.

When To Use

If your vectorized artwork is 4 or less solid colors, or you have a single color unvectorized artwork.

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Screen Printing with 3 colors example by BWNY

2. Thermal Vinyl

In this process, your design is digitally printed on a specially coated vinyl sheet and then transferred onto the bag through the application of heat.

When To Use

This method is recommended when your artwork features four or more colors, gradients, intricate details, or photographic elements.

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Thermal Vinyl example by BWNY

3. Embroidery

After digitizing your design, it is translated into a sequence of stitches, employing colored threads to adorn your bag with intricate embellishments.

When To Use

Well-suited for sophisticated designs that demand a textured, raised effect, providing a tactile quality.

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Embroidery example by BWNY

Want to customize your own bag? Contact us for more details!

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