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Our minimum order is usually 50 pieces per style. Some of our bags have 100-150 minimum order. 

Please check each bag style page for more information.

We offer different printing options for you to customize your bags:

What is it?
The process makes use of a screen that transfers your brand name onto the item with a color spread across the screen and moved to the surface.

When should I use it?
If you have artwork that has 4 colors or less. All of our bags can be silkscreened on.

Digital Printing
What is it?
The printer prints the design over the whole surface.

When should I use it?
This is what you will use to print a logo that needs a lot of colors. Digital printing can be done on all our bags except the Iridescent Rainbow, Space Traveler, Unicorn Effect and the RPET tote. 

What is it?
The logo or brand name is changed to a digital image. Color threads are then assigned and the materials are placed inside the embroidery machine. The needles stitch the items and cuts the excess threads when done.

When should I use it?
If your artwork has 2 colors or less and you want your artwork to stand out and pop out from the bag. Embroidery can be done on all our bags.

Foil Printing
What is it?
A UV-curable adhesive (ie. a type of glue that is dried by UV light) is printed on the paper in the shape of the design that is to be foiled. Then the foil is pressed onto the paper, and is stripped away where no adhesive was printed. After a quick run under the UV light, the product is finished.

When should I use it?
It's a  great way to make your product shine. Foil printing can be done on all our bags

Silkscreen Printing

We prefer vectorized artwork files (Illustrator or EPS file).

We charge a vectorizing fee for any artwork. Price varies depending on art. 

Once your artwork is vectorized, we will send you a layout with your artwork to approve.

Digital Printing

We prefer the PNG file with a transparent background. If you have the Illustrator or EPS file, we can use that as well.

Once you send us your artwork, we will send you a layout with your artwork to approve.

If you are ordering from the website, you can use any credit card, Venmo or Paypal.

We accept checks and direct payment for larger orders.

We can send you a physical proof before we start printing your order for production. There is a $70 sample fee. 

We can also send you a digital image of the proof for free.

Once you approve the proof, we can start production!

Production takes approximately 15 business days after artwork is confirmed and order is paid for.

Delivery will depend on which shipping method you chose. Ground shipping generally takes 5-7 business days to arrive.

We will send you a tracking number as soon as all your bags are printed and ready to be shipped!

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