How Can I Customize My Bags?


The process makes use of a screen that transfers your brand name onto the item with a color spread across the screen and moved to the surface.

When should I use it?
If you have artwork that has 4 colors or less. All of our bags can be silkscreened on.


First, the logo is printed on a sheet of paper with a special coating, then it is transferred to the bag. 

When should I use it?
If you have artwork that has 4 colors or more.


The logo or brand name is changed to a digital image. Color threads are then assigned and the materials are placed inside the embroidery machine. The needles stitch the items and cuts the excess threads when done.

When should I use it?
If your artwork has 2 colors or less and you want your artwork to stand out and pop out from the bag. Embroidery can be done on all our bags.

How Do I Prepare My Artwork?


Please send your artwork in either Illustrator (.AI) or .EPS format. All artwork should be vectorized and all text should be outlined.

Transfer Printing
Please send us a .PNG image with a transparent background.


You can choose any existing Pantone color for your artwork. Let us know the Pantone color and we will match it. Or, if you don’t know the Pantone number for your color, we will find the one that is closest to it at no extra cost.


We will send you the dieline (a 2-D mockup of the finished product). This will show you the printable area where you can place your artwork on the bag. Choose the placement and send it back to us. Or, tell us your ideal placement and we will take care of it!